About Ari

Personal Background

Ari is a small  businessman and former politician who first gained exposure for exposing failed socialist policies that affected his home, businesses and community in Seattle. Ari brought a media spotlight to the desecration and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries by drug dealers, addicts, prostitutes, and the homeless enabled by a failed city government in Seattle. Ari’s battle against failing city policies gained local, national and international media attention. Ari tried to change the system from the inside by running for public office and was regularly demonized by far left activists, culminating in death threats against his family.

Known for his humor, pop culture references and never backing down from a challenge Ari has been featured on Fox and Friends, Fox News, The Dr. Drew Show, The Glenn Beck Show,  the KOMO News Documentary “Seattle is Dying”, Colion Noir (NRA TV) The Todd Herman Show, The Candy Mike and Todd Show, The Saul Spady Show, The Jason Rantz Show, The Dori Monson Show, The Stephen Tubbs show KOMO News, Q13 Fox, Kiro 7, King 5 and KUOW. Ari has spoken on many college and high school campuses and spends a lot of time volunteering with local youth. Ari lives in Seattle with his wife and 3 children